Atlanta - Day 2

I met up with my Belgian friends, Guy & his sons at "Kiss That Frog", with more enthusiasm over their French soaps - such as Savon De Marseille. I chose a smaller, more user-friendly bar, as well as one in the shape of a Cicada. I also found some liquid soaps to add to what I have already introduced here in our shop. I included a "roll" of soap that the soap-makers skim off the top of a large block - so beautiful, so real, so good! This exquisite, gentle soap is hand-made using native olive oils and alkaline ash from marine plants of the Mediterranean - since the 1600's!  To this day, it is made according to a centuries-old tradition, which takes two weeks from start to finish.


I was also able to acquire the rest of the "Opinel" garden knives with colored handles that are so handy to own. Its light weight makes this knife a favorite among our local gardeners. This will be the last of them, so if you don't have one for yourself, be sure and stop in to purchase one or two before they're gone!


Atlanta - Day 1

My trek to Atlanta, GA begins at a large warehouse filled with gorgeous French and Belgian antiques - all with their own story to tell. While circling through the aisles, I realize that I pretty much want it all! Letting my mind drift back down to earth, I select cheese-drying trays made of reed (they have so much potential!) and French cornichon crocks. Again, I visualize so many uses for the crocks - such beautiful brown vessels that will pair well with the cheese-drying's all in the layering...

From Darla....

It's been a fantastic journey that I am still on. What started out as "maybe I will do this for 5 years" is now 25 years later. I am inviting you to join me on this journey. My vehicle, Morning Sun, has taken me to so many exciting places and has introduced me to people like you. Follow along with me, if you will, and I will share with you my love of all things green, the places I have been and who I have met along the way. I bring together old and new, and fill my shop with things that make me happy, and I hope, you too. First stop from here? Atlanta, Georgia.