new year's eve recipe

by Tracey Pestian, Morning Sun Manager

As our year 2016 is coming to an end and a new beginning is upon us, I reflect on the experiences that have been presented before me over the last 12 months – some truly wonderful and some not so wonderful, but it is in our own perspective of each as to the hidden meaning that we must learn from them. One of the best experiences presented to me this year was becoming a member of the Morning Sun staff in March. To work in this environment each day which is truly like an Oasis, as one of you described it when you were in one day; I am reminded each day of Life, Newness and Beauty. There is so much of it in this world but sometimes we choose not to see it. I will choose to see it in 2017 and beyond. I just LOVE it when you, our dear customers, come in our door and I hear our little bells on the door jingling, only to see you take it all in, in your breath, your eyes, and your heart. I love it when you tell us that you just came in for ‘therapy’ or just to ‘breathe’.  I get that. You are all so precious to us.

Another wonderful experience has been my introduction to Juliska! After living in Europe some years ago, this inspiring and soulful artisanal line of stoneware ceramics and mouth-blown glass takes me back there each time I use them. One of my favorites is the Graham Rocks Glass - 8 ounces of gorgeous glass that makes my Old Fashioned taste so much better! Since New Year’s Eve is almost upon us, I am sharing my recipe for a great Old Fashioned with you: 

Place a few ice cubes into the Juliska Graham Rocks Glass. You don’t want so much ice that it waters it down or too little ice that it is not cold enough. Then take one Silver Dollar size piece of a Naval Orange rind and twist it over the ice and place it inside the glass the side of the ice cube. Add 2 ounces of good Bourbon (my favorites are Blanton’s, Buffalo Trace or Woodford Reserve) to the glass. Add 1-2 teaspoons of Simple Syrup (I make my own using unrefined sugar, but store-bought will do) to the glass. Then add about 4 dashes of Angostura Bitters. Add 2 Luxardo cherries (if you have not experienced Luxardo cherries, you must do so! I buy them at Arrow Wine), ensuring that you get some of the cherry syrup when spooning them out of the jar.

Then, last but not least, using a cocktail stir-stick, gently whirl the drink around in the glass for a minute before you take your first sip. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your cocktail, letting all your cares float away….with my very best wishes to you and yours…Happy New Year!


Old Fashioneds in Juliska's Graham Rocks Glasses - Yum!