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L' Amour et Savior Vivre...Love and the art of knowing how to live well.

In the Czech Republic of Eastern Europe, generations of family inspire the Juliska culture of thoughtful living and abundant loving. Juliska created hundreds of items in over a dozen categories for the table and home, all inspired by the joy of bringing people together and helping to create a happy home.

Their stoneware ceramics celebrate the soulfulness of artisanal craftsmanship and the idiosyncratic beauty of handmade imperfections. A bump here, an extra wash of glaze there, are the signatures that let us revel in the human craft and story behind each exquisite piece. 

Juliska's alluring Bohemian glass is mouth-blown by the master glass-blowers using a 15th century technique in the hills outside of Prague. Each piece is a work of art and no two are exactly alike. With the right glass, a drink becomes an experience to savor and celebrate.