Welcome, Jacquie!





My name is Jacquie and I am new to Morning Sun. After only one month of working here, I have already grown to love this place. I feel so much at home and at peace here and I am so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work at a place that I adore.


Every little corner, nook, and cranny in this place is full of things to look at. I discover something new each day, which, because of Darla's amazing talent of putting things next to each other, I automatically want. I love helping our customers find the perfect piece of Morning Sun to take home with them!


Although I have always been a plant person, I have become completely obsessed since starting here. I am surrounded by people who know so much about plants and are willing to teach me.

I came to Morning Sun at an amazing time. I was fortunate to experience the Centerville shop but, with the shop moving, I am so excited to help bring our vibes into Oakwood. Darla made our current space what it is, so I know the new space will still feel like Morning Sun. I cannot wait for everything that's to come!